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Hi! So I set up this page with every intention of updating it. And then life keeps getting in the way and it's just so much easier to post things to my Facebook page.

So if you want the latest news, follow me on Facebook. You can still email me from this page, but Facebook is just plain easier. Hope that's cool. Scott


Books Two and Three


Mr. Pants: Slacks, Camera, Action! (Pants #2) is coming out March 3rd, 2015. Mr. Pants only has a few hours...

Mr. Pants is finally unleashed


It's out! And the reviews are amazing! Mr. Pants: It's Go Time is now available in all major bookstores! Get your copy today. And if you've already gotten your copy, then please review it (good or bad) on Amazon or B&N.


Now available for pre-order!


As of today Mr. Pants: It's Go Time is now available for pre-order on As my editor, the great Heather Alexander, put it, now it's so real.

Anyway, if you're inclined to pre-order this book, which is set to be released on July 10th, please do so!

What's in a name? You don't want to know

     I don't usually have trouble coming up with titles for my books or stories. They just come to me as I'm writing, and, I have to say, they're usually pretty good. That is, until they're not...

The Galleys are coming!

  My editor tells me I should be getting galleys (Advanced Reader Copies, or ARCs) of Mr. Pants: It's Go Time by the end of the month...

Author Photo

  Since getting a book deal I've been searching for a good head shot. Not being particularly photogenic this has been rather difficult. This is a selfie I took for use in an app that allows me to put my face into the opening credits of Doctor Who...

Book Launch

  Mr. Pants: It's Go Time just had its internal book launch at Dial Books. What that means...

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