Scott McCormick

Scott McCormick's Official Bio

I've wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember. Not a children's book author per se, but I knew I wanted to write humor. When I was in college I wanted to write for SNL. Then I wanted to be the next Dave Barry. Then screenplays. It was only after becoming a parent and rediscovering children's books that I figured I’d give that a shot.

My first attempt was to write a book based on my cat, Mr. Pants. The real Pants used to wander all around our neighborhood in Philadelphia, visiting all the stores, making friends with all the customers and managers. He had many adventures, including once boarding a SEPTA bus.

He seemed like a perfect character for a book, so I started to write about a boy and his cat, using many of Mr. Pants' real-life adventures. And it was the most boring book of all time. What was funny in real life was absolutely dull in a children's book. So, I shelved it.

About seven years later, after having gotten some experience as a parent, I realized my kids were nearly as interesting as my cats. So, I took my kids and cats and sort of smashed them together and wrote the very first Mr. Pants comic book, called The Other Side of the Story.

I asked my friend RH Lazzell to illustrate the book and he created the wonderful characters that we have today.

I'm very excited about 2014. The first Mr. Pants graphic novel will be released this August and the second soon after that. I can’t wait to introduce Mr. Pants to the world.