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Book Launch

  Mr. Pants: It's Go Time just had its internal book launch at Dial Books. What that means: The creative staff (editor and designer) presented the whole Mr. Pants vision to the marketing and PR staff. Now the fun starts. It'll be fun to see what Dial's plans are in terms of how to market and promote the book. I'll keep you posted.


Hi Julie, It used to be that the only way to get distribution was to sign with a publisher. That's no longer the case, thanks to the eBook revolution. So a self-published author can sell their book in the same stores that I can as a published author. That's awesome. So now the biggest differences are marketing and contacts. My publisher (an imprint of Penguin) has contacts throughout the industry as well as a marketing team. (Not to mention designers, editors, and other experienced professionals.) My publisher will use their marketing prowess and their contacts to try to sell Mr. Pants books to all the biggest retailers (Barnes & Noble etc.) in the business. Self-published authors have to rely on themselves. Of course I'm still going to have to market the books myself, but I have a whole organization behind me to help me. There are numerous advantages to self-publishing, including a much better royalty rate, and the ability to publish a book in a few weeks (as opposed to a year or more through a publishing house). It's really up to you which path you want to follow. I figured I'd try the traditional route first and I just got lucky and got a deal. My advice to you is, if you decide to try the traditional route, give yourself a time limit, like, say a year. And if nothing comes of it, you can always self-publish. And if your self-published book does well, you can always work out a traditional publishing deal. Hope that helps Scott
Hi, Scott--just read your essay about bringing a printed book to conferences on Bookbaby. My question is . . . what advantage over simply self-publishing your book will signing with a traditional publisher give you? Thanks! jgk

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